Creative tools: Dynamite

There is a fine line between superstition and rite, as well as between rite and pray. If you persistent in superstition, it has a good chance to become a pray. And a good pray has a chance to become a life-changing experience.

What is it – “a life-changing experience”? It is experience that changes your view at the world around you, at yourself and at your place in the world. Small-scale or full-scale enlightenment. And some tools from the “Dynamite” group.

What are the tools? Praying and meditation would be good examples. Holotropic breathwork would be a good example too – at a more everyday on-off level. Seeing world as not only system of objects but also as a system of symbols in general is a good example.

What is in common for all of the examples above? The tool does not even look as a tool – because you are at a very fundamental level not distinguishable from the tool. The question asked and the question answered are so often far apart – at least they often look apart. Thus there is no guarantee in using “the tools”, no guarantee to receive the answer to the question you asked on the level you asked it. The answer is often given in a symbolic form, so it requires some “after-digging”.

What else? The most important thing is that “the tools” change the person in a very dramatic way – up to complete annihilation of the person. Here we see very clearly how many problems start and live inside us – in our experience, in our motivations, in our values. The outcome of the “solving process” here may be illustrated as dynamite (all answers might be on the surface but non of them would be important any longer, none of them is alive) or complete drying of our lake (once again – all the fish is easily accessible but often there is no sense in it).

The lake here, as it was said earlier, is a human experience – a combination of information and emotions (so, personality – in a narrow definition).

Picture: screenshot from Nostalghia by A.Tarkovsky.