We are glad to call your attention to new development in design of snowboards. As you know, traditional designs cannot guarantee both steadiness and mobility for snowboarder, especially in case of gliding on hard and glacial snow. Inventions like “split-tail” and “swallow-tail” cannot solve the problem satisfactorily.

Our proposal combines best of mountain-skis and snowboards (see the figures below). There are two half-boards, fastened in a way, which enables parallel movement of them – accordingly to the angle between feet of snowboarder and snow surface. It gives an opportunity to combine advantages of both mountain-skis and traditional snowboards. No substantial changes from snowboarder technique or appearance will be needed.

The invention does not have such a disadvantage as non-symmetry (i.e. head design is different from tail design), which weakened market positions of the boards like “split-tail” and “swallow-tail”. If necessary, the design can be easily developed for use as “split-board” (temporal division into two parts for going upwards, like on skis).

We are interested in selling the patent (acceptance of a patent application RF N-2007109695/12-010549) or some of its rights. Any reasonable support for the startup of the production can be given. Name of the product – Combiboard – is purely illustrative at this stage.

Looking forward to co-operate with you.

Best regards,
Sergey Matveev
Alexey Beschastnov

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