Do not confuse grit with passion

“We need to be gritty about getting our kids grittier” – the last phrase in the talk below and probably the most questionable one:

Do not confuse grit with passion! They are as different as grit and water – they behave differently, they approach obstacles in different manner (however, those might look alike from certain perspective).

The distinctive characteritics here, I believe, are motivation, quality of the process and quality of the results: grit seeks motivation (energy) in agressive persistence while passion is its own motivation; grit strives to end the process while for passion the process is its own reward; grit aims to make the result to be achieved and acceptable while passion is intrinsically creative.

I would rather look at the talk as provocative rather than instructive.

There is a nice saying: If happiness was money, which job would make you rich? – The same is here: look at the quality (happiness, satisfaction, “self-sustaining” motivation) of the process. How about an opposite statement: If there is a place for grit than maybe you are doing something wrong?


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