An ideal final result in terms of resources will read: “Resources of an inventive situation will remove contradictions automatically and thus lead to a solution”. The search for resources is done for each box of the matrix, looking into the past and the future.

Analysis of resources is made in the following sequence:

  • Harmful resources (chemicals, fields)
  • Rejects (systems, supersystems, foreign or neighboring systems)
  • Emptiness (a very powerful resource always available in unlimited amounts, to include those for managerial tasks)
  • Free (air, wind, solar light etc.)
  • Low cost (water, inert gas, etc.)
  • Expensive resources as additions

From this perspective resources can be classified as follows:

  • Intrasystem (associated with the system elements and a target the system interacts with),
  • Extrasystem (environment specific and general),
  • Supersystem (rejects coming from a foreign system, low cost rejects).

The analysis does not aim at utilizing all resources. The aim is to achieve the result with minimal resources. Expensive resources are analyzed as part of the su-field analysis (substance-field analysis, part of TRIZ).