One day of YOUR eternal life

Have you heard an expression “Live each day as if it is your last day alive”? The targeted outcome is, of course, to create a live-in-the-moment mood. However, in most cases the experiment supports mere hedonism.

Let’s try to imagine how is it to lead a life of immortal being instead. You may found it fun to really “try it” for several days before you read my impressions below.
I was surprised that – after a short period of risky and criminal adventures with inside and outside world – there came a serene acceptance: everyday life at the very “low” down-to-earth level is the only one which is not boring, the only one which has a flavor of worthy, equal to one’s existence. And only the most fundamental philosophical questions are the important ones.

Isn’t that amazing, how “live each day as the last one” brings on pleasure and sadness, while “live as if you will never die” may be full of deep revelations.

However, equally amazing for me was to find out that my “normal everyday life” is really something in between – far from the both extremes. And most of the time it is boring in comparison. Most of the time it is filled with really small worries and even smaller goals. Why is that? The only big difference between the three options is relation to death: in one-day-life you are terrified of death, in “normal” life you fear death, in eternal life you are free from the fear. Am I right?

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(a screenshot from the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” movie, which is highly recommendable BTW).

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