This tool appeared as a result of my 15-year long attempt to find a simple way to explain TRIZ. The solution is developed in a sequence: problem –> ideal final result –> obstacles –> root causes of the obstacles –> resources to eliminate the root causes. The PIONEER acronym is used to remember the sequence.


NOTE: Everything is regarded as a resource, inc. waste, contradictions of relations and contradiction of characteristics.

NOTE: The modified problem might appear on any of the steps, e.g. “the obstacles are not known”, “the root causes are not known”, “there are no ways to eliminate the causes” (contradiction – there is a cause and it should not be, the contradiction will be intensified at the next loop, step “I”), “not enough resources”, “the result is not sustainable” or “there are significant negative side-effects”.

NOTE: In the PIONEER technique, the term “obstacle” often might be linked to hidden or visible contradiction – for this step, you may employ basic principles of intensification and resolving of contradictions to solve the problem.

The PIONEER technique often works in several loops, e.g. when attempt to eliminate one of the root causes starts a new line of development of the solution or when the main obstacle transforms from contradiction of interaction into contradiction of characteristics and than into search for resources. The PIONEER technique is thus a simpler version of Non-linear algorithm of inventive problem solving.