[Re]source: redirect harmful effects instead of fighting them


One of the mottoes of creativity is that “Problem Creates Opportunities”, where opportunity is not only solutions/ideas but also a specific point of view from which you look at ALL the “data around your problem”. This point of view might be described in one phrase:


What does it mean? It means, inter alia, that instead of fighting harmful effects, inputs or consequences in your “problem as it is given” you should try to redirect and USE them first. And even better: use THEM FIRST. They are definitely present, they are not likely to be claimed away from you (you are not expected to be forced to fight FOR them), they have often a negative cost – i.e. you pay to get rid of them, which brings in an additional profit if you manage to use them instead. All in all, harmful resources are the best to start with.

Need examples? Here you are with some examples from my personal life (sorry for that, but they are kind of the closest I have on my shelf). One of my problems is/was that my English language skills are far from what I would like them to be (you should agree there is some work to be done, itn’t it?). And some of my solutions are:

  • Big fan of sitting on a couch staring at a TV? Sitcoms in English.
  • Big fan of computer games? Play in English? – No!, do not fool yourself, there is far too little language in computer games, the harmful resource is not utilized as it full potential. Watch game-plays with high quality commentaries, that’s better.
  • Not a big fan of reading your child’s favorite books in Russian? Read in English. He does not understand English yet? Speak to him in English 100% of your time. (The later actually worked so well that my wife is now the owner a web-site dedicated to rising bi-lingual babies in mono-lingual environment: www.english4.me)
  • Big fan of clicking on web-sites for news 20 times a day? You know the answer.
  • Big fan of facebooking and chatting? You know the answer.
  • Which company to work for – Russian or international? Rhetorical question, isn’t it?
  • Which clients to concentrate on if you are a freelancer? You’ve got the idea…


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