Washing machine improvement (button lock) – DIY

There was a little problem: our baby likes playing with the washing machine buttons. Most of the time it is fine as the buttons are locked by digital child proof system of the washing machine. For some reason, the only button which is not covered by this system is the main on/off button – thus the baby is capable of switching the machine off while the washing cycle is not completed. It’s annoying.

One option was to (try to) forbid to the baby to even approach the machine at any time – as he is not yet responsive to reasoning like “you should not switch it off while it is washing” due to his age. The solution is not particularly good as it is time/nerves consuming and leads to here-and-there crying mood for the kid.

Another option was to ask: “Where else they have to restrict baby’s reach (to small objects the size of a button)?” Pharmacy pops up pretty quickly. And the idea follows right away – upper part of empty baby proofed plastic bottle was glued around-and-above the button. Problem solved. The cap should be on while the washing machine is used.

If you have no baby proofed bottle, the normal one will equally do – just make sure the cap is tight on the neck of the bottle.

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